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Who We Are

About Auto Works


Auto Works is a Saudi company located in Jeddah, with over than 20 dealers and distribution outlets worldwide. Auto Works is involved in manufacturing & supplying of a wide range of automotive parts for almost all makes & models of passenger cars. Auto Works parts are manufactured to the highest standards and available for most makes and models. The trusted Auto Works brand is available for:
•  Brake parts.
•  Sensors.
•  Control arms and their bushings.
•  Light bulbs.
•  Engine and cabin air filters
Auto Works offers unsurpassed quality parts for both commercial and passenger vehicles, regular fuel, diesel, and hybrids with the precision and quality that the top automobile manufacturers demand to be used in their cars and trucks.


Our Mission


With the advancement of automobile technology, today’s replacement parts have to adhere to strict technological precision and standards as well as conform to the excellence by which new vehicles are designed and built. Auto Works excels at being a leader in automotive parts manufacturing and with distributions outlets across the globe, and is one of the leading suppliers worldwide. Auto Works is committed to providing the best car and truck parts to our consumers while simultaneously ensuring safety, durability, and affordability. Our goal is to create and supply top of the line parts for nearly every car or truck on the road today at a price that helps offset the rising costs of fuel and the vehicles themselves.


Our Values

  • Love Nature.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Cheaper.


About Our Parts


Every Auto Works automobile part is designed and manufactured to the strictest standards and precision. All parts that are distributed to different international regions meet the minimal standards set forth by the governing agency, and often exceed those standards. If these parts do not meet the requirements and specifications, then Auto Works does not offer them to that region. It is important to us at Auto Works that the Auto Works brand be synonymous with the highest quality standards.
Auto Works builds their parts by starting with the best raw materials and rely on the most innovative technologies and craftsmanship to ensure that they are unsurpassed in the industry. Our skilled technicians and manufacturers are held accountable for each and every Auto Works part that we sell. By manufacturing with such strict and demanding expectations, Auto Works is confident that any consumer who purchases Auto Works brand products will see, hear, or feel the difference immediately.


The Drive


Yes! It was a mini start, with a Mini Cooper but dreams and wishes were always bigger. With a two-year car modification project, Marwan was able to build strong relationships with the biggest and most popular European car dealers and modifiers.


Seeking The Ultimate


Despite limitations, Marwan consistently aimed at upgrading his car's look and power to the ultimate. He has some standards on selecting parts. They were: Quality, ease of installation and operation, durability, and to never modify or change the car’s personality and design characteristics. Therefore, his car never looks like a modified one. However, those standards, and for good reasons, never included low cost.


The Start and the Decision


As he moved forward, and after participating in local Autocross and Super-cross events, he had the idea of establishing an auto-related company. A company established by racers for racers. And in the search of a high performance brake system for his Mini, a conversation with a leading break pads manufacturer sealed the deal.


Starting Up and Establishing


With creative and innovative ideas, we were received well in the market and further strength came from full support provided by suppliers and vendors.

Since 2008, guided by the very standards adopted by Marwan, Auto Works became a solid name in brake systems and solutions as well as auto upgrades and modifications. And now, Auto Works is one of the most reliable and trusted resources of information when it comes to auto upgrades and modifications.